Time, space, matter the cause and effect principal

Cause and effect is a fact, things just do not happen. This is the very basics of science. I am sure anomalies exist but I cannot give my mind over to the chaotic and agnostic reasoning that some are comfortable with. If you believe science is a “good tool” and NOT a belief system then we cannot ignore certain facts. Gravity, orbits, micro evolution just to mention a few. I am concerned that people are just too comfortable with unfounded and untested conclusions.

If a person is a fan of some scientist or group it seems to me like they don’t question them when they propose outlandish theories. Time, space and matter all had a beginning. There had to be a cause for this. When people propose that it was all just a matter of chance and luck, I believe they have given themselves over to an unreasonable explanation. The logical explanation is that there was something or someone outside time, space and matter that is responsible for them. Until cause and effect is disproved then that is the most reasonable and logical conclusion.

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