About Evolution Scam website

About Evolution Scam website

This is a site that promotes super natural explanations for the origins of life and the universe as we know it. It also communicates that “Christianity” has the most plausible explanations for this theorem. We are willing to be challenged here in every way shape and form. We take the Bible literally and symbolically, it all depends on the context.

I have friends that are atheist and friends that are theist and agnostic friends as well. This website encourages all to participate in the discussions and other points of view are most interesting to this forum.

The book of Genesis has been under much attack especially where it talks about Noah’a flood and a 6 literal day creation story. We the owners of this website are going to stand by that story and defend it even in the face of severe opposition. Why do we take this stand even when scientific evidence communicates otherwise? Science communicates natural explanations,  the opposite of natural explanations obviously is supernatural explanations. It is to this end that we will be dedicated to explaining big questions. We are also supposing that most of the evolutionary scientific research has been done with an agenda in mind and not real scientific scrutiny. In the peer review process of evolution we have found much corruption. Paid peer review research, outright lying in textbooks about evolution. Telling people to use their imaginations when it comes to evolution. This all communicates something to us that is impressive and suggestive and that is that supernatural explanations are indeed plausible and believable.

Maximus McCullough

The creation evolution debate is something that fascinates me. I have found some serious substantial evidences for evolution but I find that after I think about it a little longer and harder that there are better explanations.

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  1. “1. If its not natural its supernatural.

    2. If its intelligible its designed

    3. Follow the evidence no matter where it leads you”

    cs – 1. and 3. are easy to agree with. Just my opinion added to yours. Number 2 I will have to think about. thanks.

    “I have found some serious substantial evidences for evolution.”

    cs – Good. Not being a scientist, I let them do the heavy lifting. As are you, I am a high school graduate, 1972, fascinated by the CE debate. peace

    1. I think I may have to rephrase that statement. Evolution is such a broad term and takes on may different meanings. I am challenging macro-evolution of course. As far as being a high school grad I even think they are capable of learning, lol. Ok I am going to respont to your other comments on the site. -Peace

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