Non-Existent Christ Fallacy

Non-Existent Christ Fallacy


For all intents and purposes and in all honestly the motivation for my writing on this subject is for my abhorrence of ignorance and deception.  There have been many authors, writers and talk show hosts quoting this fallacious theorem. It would do one well to examine historical evidences and writings in the light of good honest research. To that end the intent of this article is to encourage   non-dogmatic persuasions that are embodied with atheistic agendas.

The Historical Jesus

As we comb the internet and other research materials we find there is a small sect of people hell bent on trying to disprove the historical Jesus of Nazareth. This fallacious movement has been adopted by many that have the peculiar agenda of “dis-belief”.  It has been their goal to indoctrinate people with their views of disbelief and skepticism. Is this really what is needed in order for people to find truth or is this a way to disbelieve yourself right out of truth?

Proofs of the historical Jesus go far beyond the writers in the New Testament. The articles and literature on the historical Jesus are so abundant that anyone that is still professing that Jesus of Nazareth never existed are either ignorant or are dogmatically agenda driven. If you came here looking for information on the Historical Jesus I recommend that you read the book by Gary Habermas “The Historical Jesus”

The purpose of this article

The purpose of this article is to question the so called skeptical pursuers of truth like Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens and others who try to hide behind science as they blatantly disregard well proven evidence. If you are in want of a good candid reliable response to the question why would you pursue such dogmatic statements, you are not alone. Indoctrination is ringing with the underlying meaning of such books as  “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins and “God is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens.

Is it fair that talk show hosts like Bill Maher interview people who have no solid background in philosophy just to take make fun? Do these cheap shots that Bill Maher takes at the Christian faith make him lose credibility as an honest skeptic?  Of course anyone can hide behind a comedy routine when they need to bail on sincerity and that is exactly what Bill Maher does.

Pure unadulterated facts should not be polluted with an agenda. If you are anti-Christian then be anti-Christian, do not lie about the facts to try and justify a claim that just looks awful and gives rise to suspicions of the skeletons in your closet.



Be a Skeptic about Skeptics

Skepticism is poison.  A revelation is always an enlightening experience whether to the justification of theory or a clarification. The lack of humility is somewhat of a stumbling road block with all its endeavors to mislead. So knowing that there are people out there willing to mislead and misrepresent the facts based on their gut assumptions should make us more cautious about their claims.


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