30 reasons Why Evolution is Wrong!

1. The evolution of one kind into another kind is not happening in a
measurable way in the present, nor can it be proven to have occurred in the

2. No new kinds of organisms are being observed coming from previously
existing organisms. (We “discover” new kinds that we have never cataloged
before, but this only shows our ignorance of their existence.)

3. No new structures or organs have been observed coming into existence.
All observed structures or organs are fully formed when first observed.
(The only observed changes to current structures or organs come from their
decay and degradation.)

4. There are distinct gaps between the known kinds of organisms. One kind
is not observed to change into another kind. We do not observe the “missing
links” because they are missing, not there, don’t exist.

5. Life only comes from life and reproduces after its own kind. Life does
not come from nonliving material. Life does not spontaneously generate

6. Mutations, the supposed driving mechanisms of evolution, are random in
nature and are neutral or harmful. They do not accumulate beneficially.
Mutations produce the wrong kind of change and will not provide for the
“upward” progressive increase in intelligence or complexity required by

7. We observe stasis, not change, in nature. Extinction is a proof of
creation. We do not find change in the fossil record nor can we measure it
in the present. Animal and plant kinds that exist today retain the same
appearance but are smaller in size than their known predecessors.

8. The fossil layers are not found in the ground in the nice neat clean
order that evolutionists illustrate them to be in their textbooks. There
is not one place on the surface of the earth where you may dig straight
down and pass through the fossil layers in the order shown in the
textbooks. The neat order of one layer upon another does not exist in
nature. The fossil bearing layers are actually found out of order, upside
down (backwards according to evolutionary theory), missing (from where
evolutionists would expect them to be) or interlaced (“younger” and “older”
layers found in repeating sequences). “Out of place” fossils are the rule
and not the exception throughout the fossil record.

9. Polystrate fossils, fossils which penetrate two or more layers of the
fossil record (most often trees), are common throughout the fossil record.
In rare cases even large animal skeletons have been found in vertical
position rather than in a horizontal position.

10. Life forms are found to be complex even in the “oldest” layers of the
fossil record. For example, various species of Trilobites are found to have
very sophisticated eyesight. Yet evolutionists say that these creatures
supposedly evolved into existence when the first multiple celled life forms
began to evolve some 620 million supposed years ago.

11. Nature does not provide us with the proof for the “Tree of Life” so
glibly talked about by evolutionists. We do not find life starting as
simple and then branching upward and outward as it becomes more and more
complex. We do not find that life forms follow the pattern of a single tree
trunk with many branches. The physical evidence provided by nature gives a
picture of an extremely large orchard with all plant and animal types
represented from the beginning with their own
individual trunks and branches producing the variations within kinds that
we have today, but no new kinds progressing from previous kinds.

12. There are no transitional forms found in the fossil record. In spite of
all the reports people may have heard, we have never found the fossil of a
plant or an animal which is a true intermediate form. The “missing links”
are missing because they are missing.

13. Be wary of artists renderings. An artist’s depiction, conception or
illustration is imaginary. Simply because we see an artist’s illustration
of a cow becoming a whale doesn’t make it so. Human desire and imagination
are not evidence.

14. Ancient man was not primitive. Ancient human cultures had more complex
languages than we do today. The engineering feasts of the past cultures are
well recognized and in some cases have not been duplicated in modern times.
There never was a Stone Age, Bronze Age or Iron Age. Man has used stone,
bronze and iron tools in all “ages” of past human activity. Indeed, there
is nothing new under the sun.

The observed Laws of Science contradict the various theories of evolution.

15. The law of Cause and Effect not only describes that for every effect
there must have been a cause, it also tells us that the cause must be
greater than the effect. No one can create anything greater than
themselves. You do not get an increase in intelligence or complexity
without the input from a greater intelligence.

16. The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics work contrary to
evolutionary belief. The First Law of Thermodynamics (The Law of Energy
Conservation) proves that the universe cannot be the reason for its own
existence. According to the First Law the universe cannot have been
anything less than it is, and if it cannot have been anything less than it
is, it had to come into existence whole and complete. If the universe came
into existence whole and complete, then it had to be created. Simply adding
energy to a system will not cause an increase in intelligence or
complexity. The addition of undirected energy to a system accomplishes
nothing, except possibly for the destruction of that system.

The Second Law of Thermodynamics (The Law of Entropy) proves that evolution
cannot happen. The Second Law stipulates (a poor attempt by scientists to
describe The Curse of Genesis Chapter 3 and Revelation) that in all
activities some of the energy becomes unavailable for further useful work.
The universe is running down, not up.

17. The concept of a “Big Bang” producing the universe is absolutely
illogical. Explosions do not produce ever increasing order and structure.
Explosions produce disorder and chaos. Explosions break things down or
destroy what was previously ordered.

18. There is no substantiated method in nature which would allow stars to
be “born.” The Gas Laws prove that the pressure of hot gases expanding
outward from a center is far greater than the gravitational force drawing
them towards a center. Stars could not evolve into existence.

19. The Law of Biogenesis (the Law of Life Beginnings) accurately states
that life only comes from life, and that life only reproduces after its own
kind. Life cannot spontaneously generate and life forms do not change from
one kind into another kind.

20. The input of undirected energy accomplishes nothing. The input of
undirected energy will destroy a system, not build it up. Only the input
from a greater intelligence will cause a beneficial increase in order
and/or complexity.

21. Not only must there be the input from a greater intelligence in order
to produce an increase in complexity and/or intelligence, that
intelligence must have a preconceived plan of action. No master craftsman
would start to build without first having a plan, a blueprint.

22. In order for evolution to be true atoms must form useful molecules such
as enzymes, amino acids and proteins by random chance. It is mathematically
impossible for these molecules, much less the far larger DNA molecule, to
form by random action in nature. It cannot happen!

23. Natural selection and survival of the fittest are supposed to be the
driving forces of progressive upward evolution. There are no selective
benefits for a supposed transitional form. There would be no advantage for
a creature to have a half-evolved eye or a half-evolved wing. Indeed, the
existence of such structures would be detrimental and serve only to
eliminate, not perpetuate, such disfigured organisms from a given

24. The presumed intermediates required by evolution do not exist. The
missing links are missing because they are missing. Reptilian scales do
not/cannot become feathers. These structures originate from different cells
within the skin tissue. Reptilian lungs do not/cannot change to become
avian (bird) lungs. Air flows in and out of reptilian lungs just as in
humans. Bird lungs have a flow through design.

25. Living organisms are incredibly complex and have specific design
features. In order to make this point please consider the following partial
list: woodpecker tongue, Bombardier Beetle chemistry, insect metamorphosis,
Giraffe heart and arterial system, Gecko feet and human eyes (or human
brains for that matter).

26. Single-celled organisms such as bacteria, amoeba and algae have the
same degree of complexity within them that multiple-celled organisms have
within them. Single-celled organisms have a skeleton, respiratory system,
digestion and elimination systems, circulatory system, reproductive system,
command and communi- cation system.

27. Life forms are irreducibly complex. To code for RNA production within a
cell you must already have whole and complete DNA. To make DNA you must
already have whole and complete RNA. In addition, it requires about 70
proteins to fabricate a DNA molecule, but you must have whole and complete
DNA to fabricate those proteins.

28. When we see design we know that there is/was a designer. The human mind
intrinsically knows the difference between randomness and design. When we
see a plastic hair comb, one of the simplest structures ever designed and
consisting of only one part, we know that it was designed and made through
intelligent effort. A plastic hair comb does not come into existence by
random chance.

If we see three stones sitting on the bottom of a clear stream we know that
they got there by the random action of the water current. If we see the
same three stones piled up one on top of the other sitting on the bank of
that stream we know that an outside intelligence placed them there.

We see design throughout nature. For good health blood must clot when it
gets outside the body, but must not clot inside the body. In addition, it
must stop clotting and not continue to clot once exposed to the outside.
The molecular motors which turn the cilia of cells look exactly like little
electric motors complete with bearings, shaft and housing. Our bodies must
make decisions to accept or reject foreign substances or our immunological
system does not work. Our bodies must also manufacture effective
countermeasures without killing us at the same time.

29. Charles Darwin stated that the existence of vestigial and retrogressive
organs and structures in the human body were essential proofs of evolution.
It has now been determined that there are NO vestigial or retrogressive
organs or structures in a human body!

30. Evolutionary theories remain incapable of explaining the existence of
sex, symbiosis or altruism.

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  1. Listen very carefully I will correct you only once, then you must NEVER ask the same questions again because you have an answer…agreed?

    1.your “kinds” don’t exist, if you are talking about living organisms then that would act against evolution as we currently understand it not for it.

    2.your “kinds” don’t exist, if you are talking about living organisms then that would act against evolution as we currently understand it not for it.

    3.Italian Wall Lizard, Nylonase Bacteria; look it up!

    4.your “kinds” don’t exist, if you are talking about living organisms then that would act against evolution as we currently understand it not for it.

    5.not evolution
    but Abiogenesis by Spontaneous Generation is not Abiogenesis by Chemical Progression
    enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v8nYTJf62sE

    6.mutations are random, they do not differentiate between being good and bad, that’s natural selections job. Beneficial mutations exist, those of drought tolerant plants to a lack of water, those of nylonase bacteria, etc. are all beneficial.

    7.not evolution
    …no animals or plants existed in the Precambrian and no plants until the Carboniferous (or possibly VERY late Cambrian), no true animals until the VERY late Proterozoic and no vertebrates until the late Cambrian, there are no Tetrapods until the early Devonian, no plecental mammals until the late Cretaceous and no Hominids until the Tertiary period…so what’s your question?

    8.not evolution
    they are always found younger-older, not mixed up. Layers may be missing but they are NEVER switched…and there is a place you can “dig straight down” it’s called the Grand Canyon…or any other canyon of enough height for that matter.

    9.not evolution
    enjoy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fgpSrUWQplE

    10.Trilobites emerged 100million years after this development, it was this development of complex eyes that lead to the Cambrian Explosion…do some research your dates are off.

    11.your right this tree is only present in every aspect of genetics, comparative phylogenetic research, the fossil record, biochemistry, taxonomy, cellular biology and mainstream biology…it’s not found anywhere.

    12.so every single:
    -gorgonopsid(mammal hipped reptile)
    -diectodont(warm blooded reptile)
    -rhipidistian(“later” lobe finned fish)
    -diapsid(early reptile)
    -anthracosaur(reptile like amphibian)
    -synapsid(sail backed reptile)
    -labyrinthodont(thick skinned amphibian)
    -basal archosaur(non-avian dino-crocodile)
    -cylodont(furred reptile)
    -non-avian therapod
    -avian therapod
    -iberomesornithid bird
    -temnospondyl salamander
    -therizinosaurid therapod
    -ornithopod dinosaur
    -palaeocene cetacean
    -“bear-dog” (actual name=cynodictis)
    are all either faked or made up?

    13.not evolution and not what happened

    14.not evolution and yes “he” was pre-stone age dude, look it up

    15. not the law of cause and effect

    16.not evolution
    never was, matter can be condensed from energy, all the energy needed is present in a singularity and that’s not the second law of thermodynamics

    17.not evolution
    Big Bang was not an explosion, rather an expansion of a singularity…try doing a primary school physics test before commenting on the big bang

    18.not evolution
    that’s not a perfect gas law, hydrogen is not a perfect gas and hydrogen plasma is not a gas (hence the term plasma)

    19.not evolution
    that’s not the law of biogenesis

    20.not evolution
    not correct

    21.not evolution
    not correct

    22.not evolution
    not correct, RNA needs no proteins to replicate, they become their own replicaters and no chance needed that’s what natural selection is for

    23.not correct, a “half developed eye” has an advantage over no eyes for example box jellyfish that have eye spots have an advantage over blind jellyfish.

    24.not evolution
    strange, because they do that in a modern birds development and throughout therapod history.

    25.all incorrect, please to research before the regurgitation old debunked arguments

    26. not evolution
    eukaryotic cells yes, most prokaryores no

    27.not evolution
    to create mRNA yes, to create RNA…no, RNA can form on it’s own, replicate on it’s own, mutate on it’s own and decompose on its own.

    28.not evolution
    just like when we “see” the earth is flat we instinctively know it is flat? without testable evidence neither claim has any ground…thanks for playing

    29.not evolution
    your kidding right? not only are you resorting to “Darwin said this, Darwin said that”, not only did you take a passage completely out of context (not that it would matter) but you are ignoring <50% of all proteins produced by humans and most half developed organs and vestiges.

    30.not evolution
    we've discussed all three before, go back to the page made for me and look over our conversation again

    1. Does this mean you are finally admitting defeat? I will hang your white flag upon my wall proudly!

  2. Max-Does this mean you are finally admitting defeat? I will hang your white flag upon my wall proudly!

    Greedy-please point to where I have said anything even remotely related to that assertion.

    1. Oh I can see it in about every sentence you write. However looking over your responses to my posts it seems quite evident to me that you cannot cope. None and I mean “NONE” of you explanations are correct. You get another big fat “F” is this was a test but since its just an exercise I will give you more time to look over the information before you are quizzed again. Finals will be due by the end of the month!

  3. Max-Oh I can see it in about every sentence you write. However looking over your responses to my posts it seems quite evident to me that you cannot cope. None and I mean “NONE” of you explanations are correct. You get another big fat “F” is this was a test but since its just an exercise I will give you more time to look over the information before you are quizzed again. Finals will be due by the end of the month!

    Greedy-pardon, please show me where any are wrong. If you wish to have sources I will supply them however ALL can be corroborated by 5min of research on google. However beyond that I wish to elaborate on what you are saying; you are saying that the mutation that lead to nylonase is not beneficial, you are saying that all of the subsets I named are either made up or don’t exist (despite the fact that they are founds in almost every museum around the world), you are saying that hydrogen is a perfect gas and hydrogen plasma is also a perfect gas (despite the fact that gas and plasma are two different states of matter), the Big Bang was an explosion, proteins are required for the formation of ALL RNA and all of your “problems” with evolution relate to evolution…good luck

  4. Here’s the difference between you and me Max; if you ask a question I will answer it, if you make a point I will address it. I will not make things up or simply change the subject; I have more credibility than that, if I ask a question it’s because I’m interested in your input not because I think there is no answer and if I make a point it is either to address one of yours or because I fell it has to be dealt with.
    I will never bring up the same point twice nor ask a question more than twice because I listen to what you have to say. When I make a point I can support it with rigid explanations and definitions as far down as the standard model if you wish, I can sight scientific papers written on the subject (though prefer not to) and can back up all of my claims with testable, repeatable and scientific evidence where as you cannot/have yet to do anything of the sort.
    If you want to discuss Evolution Theory I’m all ears, I’ll even discuss Physics and Chemistry with you when appropriate; but if you want to pretend that Evolution stretches over more than it does, change the subject, call me a lire or pretend that Evolution is a religion then beyond proving you wrong on all accounts I can also prove that you are full of shit.

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