Giants in the Earth

Giants in the Earth more proof of Creation. The archeology of the Bible is so accurate and there are so many findings that help us in our understanding. There have been several hoaxes out there that have edited photos to make it look like giants were being uncovered but here is a man that has actually uncovered fossils of giants from long ago. These giants were spoken of in the Bible many times.

Gen 6:4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.


Objective Moral Values Proves God Exists

Objective Moral Values Proves God Exists

We all know that rape, murder of the innocent, child molestation is all wrong but are they objectively wrong? What this means is are these things wrong even if we say they are or are not wrong. Whether you agree or disagree makes no difference in whether they are right or wrong, what this means is that they are right or wrong no matter what. Now we are talking mainly in the negative but I am going to argue here that we can also apply this to positivism as well. Meaning some things are right just because they are right no matter whether you believe them to be right or not.

Enjoy the video!

As many know William Lane Craig is one of my hero’s on many subjects. I will point out that he does believe in evolution so on that subject I do differ from him however he does believe that there was a Creator that started it all off.

Talking with a biology professor who endorses evolution

Evolution verse Creation
Evolution verse Creation

Here is the the background for this post. I posted a video called Debunking Evolution I opened up the comments section on the video and started some interesting conversations with a biology professor called GreedyCapybara. We argued back and forth about whales, Noa’s Flood, and other things. The conversations were getting long and YouTube only allows 500 letters in their comment section and the professor started to email me on YouTube. I stated that I had a website with a feedburner that displayed all the comments because I like the open forum atmosphere. So here we are with his first email that he sent me at YouTube

He Writes:

I have decided message you as the amount of comments on your video is getting silly, not to mention the fact that I have to scroll down a very large list of comments to get to the few you have approved and tried to respond to, I will divide up this message into the topics being discussed in the comments for ease of access, I would appreciate it if you did the same.

Just for the record I approved all the professors comments -Maximus

Origin of life:
-Getting organic chemicals is simple, Three of the five kingdoms Plants, Eugenia and Monoarea use this as either their only or main source of energy.
-These organisms use sunlight as an agent to turn CO2 and H2O into either glucose-a or in some rare cases glucose-b, both organic molecules.
-However organic molecules more often form by themselves in any polar solution (a liquid or gas where the primary molecules have a slight net charge at either end), this is how we get amino-acids, nucleotides and many other organic molecules that are found in water and some hydrocarbons (which themselves are organic).

Age of the Earth:
-there is little beyond a Gama-ray Burst (huge astronomical event) or actively firing “heavy” particles such as neutrons or protons into the nucleus of an atom that can change the rate of decay.
-even when firing “heavy” particles into such atoms the result would (if these were used for dating) always be a lower age rather than a higher one because the particle would knock neutrons into of the sample thus adding mass not subtracting it.

-All four species I named are in fact whales, both by the taxonomical definition that I presented and by your own dictionary definition that you presented.
-I actually did expect you to make up your own definition rather than use one from a dictionary that even a quick glance at the well known species that I named would confirm my prediction.

Evolution, is it a science?:
-Evolution is in fact a scientific theory and a fact, in my opinion it is ironic that due to Creationist critics evolution has progressed fast and is far more better understood then General Relativity (Gravity), be it that General Relativity is known to be false yet taught in schools anyway but I hope you see my point.
-Evidence for evolution included but not limited to: Embryology, Genetics, Microbiology, Biochemistry, The Fossil Record, Genetic Markers, Mutation and Variation, Radioactive Decay and Organic Chemistry.

Peer Review:
-Yes, I like all scientists take a roll in the peer review process, we review, sight and offer corrections to experiments and articles, this speaks to sciences strength for example I was working for a treatment for Lung Cancer and conducted and experiment to optimise lung cell growth from stem cells, however a quick review of my experiment from a Polish chap in which he sighted my work revealed that I had left out a particular variable and by including it I could have more accurate results.

I will respond to the professors arguments in the comment sections below. Feel free to chime in.

To wrap it all up here is how I feel Please Watch the film below.

Geologic Column an Evolutionary Fallacy

Geologic Column an Evolutionary Fallacy

In my discussions with evolution enthusiast I have found many things that are troubling one of the most troubling of course is the Geologic Column and their willingness to stand by this flawed science. The Geologic column can be found only one place on the entire planet and that is in the text books. Please watch the video below and educate yourself on this fallacy of evolution.


Non-Existent Christ Fallacy

Non-Existent Christ Fallacy


For all intents and purposes and in all honestly the motivation for my writing on this subject is for my abhorrence of ignorance and deception.  There have been many authors, writers and talk show hosts quoting this fallacious theorem. It would do one well to examine historical evidences and writings in the light of good honest research. To that end the intent of this article is to encourage   non-dogmatic persuasions that are embodied with atheistic agendas.

The Historical Jesus

As we comb the internet and other research materials we find there is a small sect of people hell bent on trying to disprove the historical Jesus of Nazareth. This fallacious movement has been adopted by many that have the peculiar agenda of “dis-belief”.  It has been their goal to indoctrinate people with their views of disbelief and skepticism. Is this really what is needed in order for people to find truth or is this a way to disbelieve yourself right out of truth?

Proofs of the historical Jesus go far beyond the writers in the New Testament. The articles and literature on the historical Jesus are so abundant that anyone that is still professing that Jesus of Nazareth never existed are either ignorant or are dogmatically agenda driven. If you came here looking for information on the Historical Jesus I recommend that you read the book by Gary Habermas “The Historical Jesus”

The purpose of this article

The purpose of this article is to question the so called skeptical pursuers of truth like Richard Dawkins, Bill Maher, Christopher Hitchens and others who try to hide behind science as they blatantly disregard well proven evidence. If you are in want of a good candid reliable response to the question why would you pursue such dogmatic statements, you are not alone. Indoctrination is ringing with the underlying meaning of such books as  “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins and “God is Not Great” by Christopher Hitchens.

Is it fair that talk show hosts like Bill Maher interview people who have no solid background in philosophy just to take make fun? Do these cheap shots that Bill Maher takes at the Christian faith make him lose credibility as an honest skeptic?  Of course anyone can hide behind a comedy routine when they need to bail on sincerity and that is exactly what Bill Maher does.

Pure unadulterated facts should not be polluted with an agenda. If you are anti-Christian then be anti-Christian, do not lie about the facts to try and justify a claim that just looks awful and gives rise to suspicions of the skeletons in your closet.



Be a Skeptic about Skeptics

Skepticism is good if it leads us to a better understand of the facts.  A revelation is always an enlightening experience whether to the justification of theory or a clarification. The lack of humility is somewhat of a stumbling road block with all its endeavors to mislead. So knowing that there are people out there willing to mislead and misrepresent the facts based on their gut assumptions should make us more cautious about their claims.